To perform a traditional eyelid surgery, an incision is made in the crease of the upper lid toward the temples. Once healed, it is not noticeable when the eye is open. On the lower lid, the incision is made along the lash line toward the temples, and is hidden by lashes when healed.

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A dimple creation procedure takes an approximate 30 minutes to complete. This is carried out under local anesthesia.  The incisions are made in the inside of the cheek and there are no scars or incisions on the outside surface. A punch biopsy instrument is placed alongside the inner cheek (buccal mucosa) in lines with the location of the dimple and circular motions are made which cuts through the inner cheek, sub-mucosal and cheek muscle.  The circular tissue is removed and the skin is left intact.  The skin is positioned appropriately to create a dimple and the cylindrical gap is closed with absorbable sutures.  The sutures are placed through the cheek muscle connecting the dermis layer of the skin. A surgical knot is then tied which dimples the skin without a smile.

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Vaginoplasty, often referred to as vaginal rejuvenation, is a surgical procedure to tighten vaginal muscles that have stretched, usually after childbirth or simply through aging.  Tightening of the muscles and sphincters gives better control over contraction strength, thereby heightening sexual enjoyment and eliminating undesirable effects such as urinary incontinence.

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Nose Lift is done by plastic surgeons particularly those that are well-versed about the right and proper ways on how an excellent nose enhancement is done. Generally, Nose Lift Gortex and Alar Trimming is the ultimate solution to those people who have suffered from severe nose damage and to those who can’t breathe properly because of certain blockage.

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Breast augmentation essentially consists of placing a silicone - or saline-filled breast implant behind each breast to enhance its size and shape. Our experts places breast implants behind the chest muscle during breast augmentation surgery, resulting in a more natural look and feel. Sub-muscular placement also makes mammography and self-examination easier.

Placement of the incision, and therefore of the resulting scar, is another concern to take into account in breast augmentation. we places the incision around the areola, rendering it virtually invisible after the operation

Sclerotherapy remains the primary treatment for small-vessel varicose disease of the lower extremities.  These small vessels include telangiectasias, venulectasias, and reticular ectasias.  Telangiectasias are flat red vessels smaller than 1 mm in diameter.  Venulectasias are blue, sometimes distended above the skin surface, and smaller than 2 mm in diameter.  Reticular veins have a cyanotic hue and are 2-4 mm in diameter.  Large varicosities do not respond as well as small varicosities to sclerotherapy.

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The medical term for a facelift is Rhytidectomy which when translated from Greek literally means removal of wrinkles. While a facelift does improve wrinkles, it is really better thought of as an operation to removes sags and bulges. The facelift is the most effective way to eliminate the dreaded jowls and loose neck skin and produces a very pleasing lift to fallen cheeks. Altogether, the facelift restores the smooth and youthful contour that starts at the chin and flows naturally along the jaw-line up to the cheekbone.

The necklift is a procedure best suited for two types of patients. The first is someone who only needs loose tissue in the neck tightened and the second is a person who wants much of what a facelift provides, but with a shorter healing time.  The necklift is done through three very small incisions located under the chin and behind each earlobe. Each incision is about a half inch in length. Through these incisions any excess fat is removed and then the muscles deep to the skin are tightened. The skin is then laid back down over the deeper neck tissues where it heals in the new tighter position.  The first night after surgery a dressing is worn to hold pressure under the chin. This is removed the day after surgery and bruising is expected on the neck. Most of this bruising is gone by one week and a collared shirt will cover most of the bruising even before that. You need to take a week off of aerobic activities and two weeks off of weight lifting activities. Deskwork can be resumed usually a day or two after surgery.

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Nipple reduction surgery is most often requested by women who were born with overly large nipples or areolas (the pigmented area around the nipple). Overly large nipples can cause embarrassment when they are erect and make the fitting of bras uncomfortable. Many women also prefer the more demure appearance of smaller nipples as well as a less prominent areola as both are less noticeable under clothing.

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Liquid face lift is a combination of injectable treatments, which when performed at the same time can provide extremely rejuvenating results.  They represent a gentler alternative to a face lift by using plumping fillers and Botox.  Although their results are temporary and not as dramatic as a face lift, injection cocktails are sufficient for patients in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

One of the important components of the liquid face lift, is the use of Botox to lift portions of the face. Botox The way to understand how Botox lifts the face is to understand that there is a constant tug of war going on in any section of the face.  There are muscles that lift a portion of the face (for example the eyebrow) and opposing muscles that pull it down.  If we inject Botox in the muscle that pulls things down, the muscle that lifts wins, and the results is that that portion of the face is lifted.

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In a Chin Augmentation, a synthetic material is use to improve the anterior projection of the mentum or chin.  The silicone implant is placed under the skin to strengthen the appearance of the chin.

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There are different liposuction techniques available, from which our surgeon can choose the one best suited to your needs. After selecting the most effective method of liposuction, our surgeon makes a few small incisions around the area to be sculpted, through which the cannula, or specialized fat-removal tool, is inserted. The cannula is moved back and forth to break down fat and suction it away from the body.  After the appropriate amount of fat is eliminated, the surgeon closes the tiny incisions, and the patient is dressed in a specially designed surgical garment to assist in healing.

Abdominoplasty, more popularly known as a tummy tuck.  The procedure is carried out in order to remove the excess fat present in the body of a person and ensures that it removes the stretch marks from a person’s body.  It is generally carried out by people who are obese and also by women after pregnancy.  Tummy tuck surgery can be combined with liposuction in order to ensure a makeover to the body.

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The reluctance to incise skin with electrocautery is partly attributable to concerns about excessive scarring and poor wound healing.

Electrocautery is a minimal invasive technique to remove unwanted tissue, such as milia, hyperplasia keratosis, skin tags, etc. This technique known as cleaner, safer, and more efficient than many of the alternatives. Recovery from where electrocautery was used can also be more rapid than recovery from conventional surgeries, and the risk of infection can be reduced.

Benefits of Electrocautery:

  • It is a simple procedure that leaves the normal skin unharmed
  • There is no bleeding and no stitches
  • The treated area requires no special treatment.
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